Partnering For Success

Teaching with Jamaica works with Jamaica Link Ministries to provide yearly professional development conferences to Jamaican teachers in the Montego Bay area.
Planning for the conference begins each October, after the team has formed. Our Conference team is made up of four smaller teams. We have an Early Childhood Team, a Lower Elementary Team, an Upper Elementary Team, and a Special Education Team.  

Yearly Conferences

Our conference is held held on Monday – Wednesday of the third week of July. St. James High School has been the home of our conference since 2012.  Jamaican teachers register for the conference online, in the spring. They register for the age group that they teach. When they arrive at St. James High School, participants check in at the registration desk. Each participant will have the opportunity to attend one day of Math training, one day of Reading training, and one day of Special Education/Behavior Management training. 










Conference Location History


  • Held in 3 different schools


  • Held at Hillview Baptist Church 


  • St. James High School


Jamaica Link Ministries partners with Teaching with Jamaica each year. They are our connection with the Jamaicans. The staff at JLM helps us with our housing, transportation, and so much more. They also provide the meals for the teachers during the conference.